Photographer Ira J. Beers, Jr. Located for Death by Holga

The final resting place of The Dallas Morning News staff photographer Ira J. Beers was located by M. C. Roman for Death by Holga: 11.22.63. Mr. Beers nearly won a Pulitzer Prize for photographing Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police headquarters. The prize went to Dallas Times-Herald staff photographer Robert Jackson, who snapped his photograph a one second later. Not winning the Pulitzer Prize haunted Beers for the rest of his days.

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Kennedy Assassination Tour Summer 2012 Planned

The Kennedy Assassination Tour Summer 2012 has been planned by photographer M. C. Roman. The tour is five days of travel around the United States photographing Kennedy’s Air Force One, Lee Harvey Oswald’s original monument, Jack Ruby’s grave, Kennedy’s limo, and more. The one-man tour will stop in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio.

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